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San Francisco Giants swing and miss in Jon Lester sweepstakes

By Mark ONeill

Strike one. Strike two. Mammoth swing and a miss, strike three, you are out of here. With the signing of Jon Lester by the Chicago Cubs, the San Francisco Giants missed out on yet another opportunity to add substance and serious depth to their team.

After losing out to Arizona in the Yasmani Tomas signing and to Boston with the Pablo Sandoval escape, the Giants flailed uselessly one more time, as Jon Lester opted out of San Francisco and into the windy city of Chicago.

As the bidding war among the Cubs, Red Sox and Giants escalated, the Los Angeles Dodgers entered the fray, bringing with them vast unlimited sums of ducats to attempt to entice Lester down to the sunny acreage of SoCal.

There is no question that the price of poker went up when the Dodgers entered the sweepstakes. What had begun as an attempt to one-up L.A, resulted in a frantic effort to simply maintain the gap between them. In the end both clubs will have to look elsewhere to find help with their rotations.

Hope had remained in place for the Giants, based on reports that Buster Posey and Tim Hudson had helped pitch San Francisco to Jon Lester, but to no avail. It is hard to believe that Buster Posey was unable to convince Lester to join San Francisco.

When it comes right down to it, you can lead a pitcher right up to a bucket of success, but you can’t make him drink from it.

That’s Lester’s loss.