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Sabean: San Francisco Giants won’t move Buster Posey from catcher

By Mark ONeill

Do you ever remember wanting something so much that you harassed your mom mercilessly 24/7, until your dad came home from work one day, lunch pail in one hand-thermos in the other, and informed you in no uncertain terms that you were out of luck? And he did it in such a way that you knew the discussion was over?

That is the manner in which Brian Sabean definitively put to rest, any thought that Buster Posey would step outside the [catcher’s] box for the San Francisco Giants, to assume possession of the area formerly known as the Panda Pen. In a piece posted by MLB’s Chris Haft (http://m.mlb.com/news/article/103578534/giants-gm-brian-sabean-says-buster-posey-a-franchise-catcher-wont-move-to-third-base), Sabean is quoted as decreeing, “Buster’s a catcher…He’s a franchise player, a franchise catcher.”

Buster Posey is the “franchise catcher.”

Evidently, the question refuses to remain a spectator and when served up yet one more time, Sabean volleyed back with a three-peating of one theme: There will be no variation on the notion of removing Posey from behind the plate, for any reason whatsoever. Sabean said it three times in ten words. Succinct, to the point, and just one step short of having to go from “dad” to “father.”

The fact that the question refuses to go away in the first place (From this site: “Giants: Step outside box and put Buster Posey at third” and “Giants must move Posey from home if Lester joins team) means that there is some validity involved, but Sabean put the matter to rest, the way any good dad would do. “I don’t want to hear another word on the subject,” he may as well have said.

Concussions are a touchy subject, especially after losing Hector Sanchez for so much of last season, so no one blames Sabean for being a little sensitive on the subject. Who wants to have to keep asserting that the organization already has a franchise catcher and that even though the unthinkable is possible, San Francisco cannot-and will not-dwell on this thought?

Sabean’s proclamation does clear up one corner of the fogged up windshield that constitutes the 2015 roster, which will tone down the rhetoric, or at least confine it to discussion of third base, left field and the starting rotation.

Until Dad decrees otherwise.