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Pablo Sandoval to the Red Sox in a 5-year nearly $100 million deal

By Melissa Felkins

Pablo Sandoval has a agreed to a 5-year year, nearly $100 million deal with the Boston Red Sox, according to Jon Heyman who broke the news around 4:30am PT this morning.

This is the second free agency the Red Sox have snagged in as many days, scoring Hanley Ramirez just yesterday from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The San Diego Padres also made a hard play for Sandoval, in addition to the offer the San Francisco Giants made. In the end, Pablo went where the money was. Boston is clearly looking to buy a championship, and willing to pay big bucks for it. With three World Series rings in San Francisco, and a move to the AL where he can likely move to a DH role in the future, it sadly makes sense for Pablo to see if he can do it in Boston.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be burning my Panda hat anyway.

The news, while heart-breaking, probably does not come as a shock to Giants fans. The writing has been on the wall over the last week with aggressive offers coming in from other teams. However, now the Giants have a big gaping hole to fill in their infield – third base.

Brian Sabean has said that none of their internal or farm options are viable at this point, so expect them to use up some of that Sandoval savings account to go after Yasmani Tomas or even Chase Headley.

UPDATE: A beat writing for the Red Sox says the deal may be premature. As someone on twitter put it, “that just mean’s we aren’t supposed to know yet.”