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San Francisco Giants are wise to focus on Pablo Sandoval-not Yang

By Mark ONeill

With Yang Hyeon-jong making the transition to Major League Baseball, a number of teams are taking an interest, two in particular from the National League: the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs. Timing being always a factor in baseball, the Giants are not likely to be active in the campaign to land Yang, unless there is a flexible timeline involved.

Brian Sabean has wisely made Pablo Sandoval his top priority, in an off-season which has presented needs in two different areas, other than third base. The Giants need a left fielder and they need a fifth starter, and both constitute as valid of an issue as that of third base. Whereas Yang represents a potential solution for the fifth rotation slot, he is still an unproven commodity at the major league level.

Yes, Hyun-Jin Ryu, of the Los Angeles Dodgers, successfully made the jump, and the reality is that Yang may follow suit, but with the Sandoval Stakes still hovering, Sabean must bide his time.

Smart Brian Sabean knows what is at stake, with a player of Sandoval’s caliber.

He owes it to both Pablo, and the Giants, to not divide his attention at this crucial juncture, until the Panda has determined exactly where the bamboo shoots taste the sweetest, and it’s not always solely about money.

To focus exclusively on the Panda is wise because Sabean can’t proceed to anything without a resolution to the Panda problem. He recognizes that Pablo Sandoval is a highly desirable commodity, and more importantly, he needs to show the proper respect to Sandoval, so that the Boston Red Sox don’t get him simply because he felt snubbed. We have seen that before, particularly when players have ended up in Los Angeles.

No, as tantalizing as a left-handed pitcher would be to complement Madison Bumgarner, the Giants need to leave the Yang Hyeon-jong situation alone for the moment and let the spotlight shine on Pablo.

Giants fans especially like the way the spotlight shines on the Panda in October.