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Trade San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain? Who would suggest that?

By Mark ONeill

Trade Matt Cain? San Francisco Giants’ Matt Cain? Faith and begorrah! Treason! Who would be after suggesting such a daft thing? Was it thems over at that other outfit, from the Cove?


Timmy Lincecum?

Oh, Timmy, here at Around the Foghorn. 

Oh. Well, sure then, there has to be a mistake. This is our editor we are talking about here. He’s a fine lad-a bit impetuous, mind you-but aren’t all lads a bit? ‘E’s Irish, you know.

It’s true then.

Now, why in the sam hill would our otherwise stellar editor, capable of guiding us so efficiently, (all the way to the third, well, you know), suddenly write such an impulsive piece of frippery?

As you are well aware, we here at Around the Foghorn not only try to keep you abreast of the latest in Giants news, we also strive to keep those stories/rumors which are conjured up in the pubs, out of sight, and therefore out of your busy minds.

This one got away.

Again, my respect for our exceptional editor knows no boundaries; why I’m sure he brings flowers to ‘is mum, of a Sunday, a right likable fellow!

In February, it’s fresh daffodils, I hear.

Timmy is the kind of individual who would never lead you astray-unless we are talking about trading The Horse.

Say it ain’t so, Timmy.

Sure, Matt (the Cainster) Cain had an off season in 2014; fortunately we did not see a repeat of 1989, and the earth remained still. Injuries happen. It’s pretty hard to be on top of your game with bone spurs not only in your pitching arm, but in your ankle as well. Excuse The Horse for living and breathing. It’s nice to see his teammates had his back.

Cain is cut from the same fabric that Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy, Bruce Bochy, Brandon Belt, Hunter Pence, and probably a few that I missed, all raised in the South. The significance is that they know how to get a job done. There is that confidence that comes from having been raised in a culture where folks don’t look beyond their own shadows, to get the help they need.

I don’t care what happened last season; if the Giants trade Matt Cain, they will rue the day.

Is nothing sacred?

[Be kind to Timmy in your comments, folks. He really is the salt of the Earth.]