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Giants update: Posey and Pence MVP votes, Morse wins internet, Bumgarner Cy-Young votes

By Timmy Kennedy

It’s been a good week, and year, for the San Francisco Giants. On the heels of winning the World Series Championship, things are good in San Francisco. Over the past couple of days the Most Valuable Player voting took place. While Clayton Kershaw won, of course, Buster Posey and Hunter Pence both received votes. Madison Bumgarner finished fourth in the Cy-Young voting. And, Michael Morse won the internet. Good times.

Buster Posey finished sixth, which in my opinion was a bit harsh, and Hunter Pence finished eleventh, was again in my opinion was a bit harsh. Posey received the following votes: 3rd: 1, 4th: 6, 5th: 9, 6th: 6, 7th: 3, 8th: 1, 9th: 1 and 10th: 1. Overall, Posey appeared on 28 of the 30 ballots – Adam Rubin and Mel Antonen were the only writers to omit the Giants’ catcher. Andrew Baggarly put Posey sixth, and Hank Schulman placed Posey tenth. Which is weird. Not cool, Henry.

Pence appeared on 10 of 30 ballots, with a fifth-place vote from Baggarly, three sixth-place votes (including Schulman), two eighth-place votes, three ninth-place votes, and one 10th-place vote. All in all, a pretty decent MVP showing from Posey and Pence. That said, if you ask me, they deserved to be a little higher. But hey, we have a World Series for this season, see if I care about your MVP and Cy-Young, Kershaw. (I actually care, a little.) For the record, I would’ve but Posey fourth, behind: Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen and Kershaw. I would’ve placed Pence seventh.

Bumgarner finished fourth in the Cy-Young voting. Again, see if I care. He has two MVPs already. Maybe not the same type of MVP award, but still. Oh, and a ring, or two, or three. In honesty, I think fourth is a decent finish for Bumgarner, who finished the year with an ERA of 2.98. That said, I still think he was better than Cueto and Wainwright. A solid finish for the Giants’ ace.

In other, non-vote-related, news: Michael Morse won the internet. In the same week Kim Kardashian ‘broke the internet’ the Giants’ very own Morse won it. Morse literally tweeted the best, and the coolest photo, ever. Just him and the World Series trophy watching some TV. Him and the trophy, chilling as bros. So cool, Morse. While he had no MVP votes, this photo is most certainly a consolation.