SF Giants Prospects

San Francisco Giants’ Ron Wotus is candidate for Tampa Bay job

By Mark ONeill

The Tampa Bay Rays announced that Ron Wotus, the San Francisco Giants’ bench coach, is one of eight finalists to be interviewed for the managerial job, recently vacated when Joe Madden opted out of his current contract.

Wotus, hired by the Giants in 1999 as the bench coach under Dusty Baker, remained as Felipe Alou came in and left, and then continued in place as Bruce Bochy rolled in at the start of the 2007 season.

In an industry featuring change, Ron Wotus has been in the same place for a long time.

Wotus is one of a staff of coaches which has been in place through all three recent world championship runs.

There are a total of eight candidates for the Rays’ job, only two of whom have managerial experience, Don Wakamatsu (Seattle Mariners) and Manny Acta (Cleveland Indians). With three-fourths of the candidates coming from untested quarters, it would seem as though Wotus has a decent shot of landing this job.

The position open for the Rays, is not the first interview that Wotus has undergone, the most recent two having been conducted by Seattle and Pittsburgh. He is eminently qualified to manage at the MLB level.

On one hand, Ron Wotus is deserving of the opportunity to climb the ladder to success, having demonstrated that he is well-versed in all aspects of the game, but he should still think carefully before jumping ship.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Wotus is the coach to whom Bruce Bochy turns, when he needs a replacement in the dugout, after being ejected from a game, and he does not insult Wotus by sending in instructions. No, when Bochy gets the boot, he takes the rest of the night off.

On the other hand, having noted Ron Wotus’ fine qualifications, Giants fans would still urge him to stay in San Francisco, and pick up another ring. There are many different ways to garner success in Major League Baseball, and Wotus has found three routes already.

He does not need Tampa Bay to continue this success.