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Pablo Sandoval gets a qualifying offer, other Giants do not

By Nick Vezmar

Oct 31, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval speaks to the crowd during the World Series celebration at City Hall. The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals in game seven of the World Series. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

According to multiple sources, the San Francisco Giants have extended a qualifying offer to Pablo Sandoval worth $15.3 million. Sandoval joins James Shields, Russell Martin, Max Scherzer and others who have been given qualifying offers by their respective teams.

Sandoval will have seven days to accept his offer, which according to many analysts he will most likely reject. This insight comes as no surprise, as the 22 qualifying offers made over the last couple of years have not been accepted. Though after the hangover of a World Series victory and parade, all signs seem to be pointing in the direction of the Giants.

Obviously, if Sandoval rejects the offer, it means that he can then accept other offers made. Given his age, his accolades and availability of quality free agent third basemen, he will be offered multi-year deals from various teams. It’s not likely that he would be a free agent for long, should he choose to go that path.

Either way, Sandoval is the only Giant that was given a qualifying offer. Ryan Vogelsong, Sergio Romo and Michael Morse (barring a late night deal) will be free agents as of tomorrow. They were not given a qualifying offer because of their current salaries. For those wondering why Jake Peavy doesn’t get a qualifying offer, he is not eligible for one since he was traded mid-season, although he will also join the list for free agency.

The Giants will likely be active in free agency market attempting to fill the void of two starters, a third baseman, an outfielder and a reliever. Whether they bring back those five and/or seek out other free agents will all depend on how open the Giants are with the checkbook, and how open the checkbook is of other organizations looking at these five.

Other notable decisions include outfielder Tyler Colvin and infielder Tony Abreu, who will be arbitration eligible next year.