SF Giants News

San Francisco Giants are extraordinary, but they are not yet a dynasty.

By Mark ONeill

The San Francisco Chronicle’s headline bellowed, “Dynasty!” in describing the 2014 World Series victory ramifications for the San Francisco Giants. The Orange and Black have been dubbed a dynasty, and most fans are more than happy to nod in agreement, because it all sounds so, well, cool. But are the Giants a dynasty after only a five-year run, one which included two missed postseason opportunities in that short span of time?

Semantics makes for strange bedfellows. It’s not so much that I object to the term-after all, it certainly does not denigrate the home team, but it seems a tad pretentious, a quality not usually associated with the Orange and Black. The term “dynasty” is intended to elevate a team or era, so it is not attached to mediocrity; I only seek clarification for my own understanding.

There are examples of dynasties so readily available and easily identifiable, that it is unnecessary to revisit them in any detail, for that simple reason: Those New York Yankees teams, the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, the UCLA Bruins’ basketball program, and others that clearly smack of length and quality.

The San Francisco Giants of the past five years, under manager Bruce Bochy, with Buster Posey catching, certainly have had the quality, but lack the length of time usually attached to the term, dynasty.

Disappointingly, Wikipedia states that a dynasty must span ten years. Let’s go Giants-the job’s not finished.

Wikipedia defines a sports dynasty as “a team that dominates their sport or league for an extraordinary length of time…The word “dynasty” should not be used for a string of several dominant years in a row. It implies an extraordinary length of time like a decade.”

The Giants do not have to be comprised of the same team members, in order to be labeled a dynasty, but they do have another five years or so to go, with another trio of World Championships to amass, before they get to be anointed as a dynasty. Does anyone have a problem with that?

I would apologize for raining on the Giants’ parade, but that already happened on Friday, as hundreds of thousands of fans celebrated with their team, the San Francisco Giants.

Even if they’re not actually a “dynasty,” they are still extraordinarily special.