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Madison Bumgarner’s text from his dad during Game 7

By Melissa Felkins

The New York Times posted a fantastic article this week where they interviewed Kevin Bumgarner, better know in San Francisco as Madison Bumgarner‘s dad.

The author of the article, Michael Powell, headed down to Hudson, NC, the small town where Madison grew up. He wandered into this down, and into the the Bumgarner’s driveway unannounced.

"A day earlier, I’d rolled up unannounced to this house, which lies somewhere to the east of Granite Falls, in the Appalachian foothills. It was just before the start of Game 6, and I began to jabber that I was a reporter too far from home and. …Kevin waved me in then as if he were expecting me. “I’m amazed you found us,” he said over his shoulder. “You ever seen so much of nothing?”"

It’s a great insight into the person Bumgarner is, and I strongly encourage you to head over and read the whole thing. But I do want to leave this last  bit here – a text message that Kevin Bumgarner sent his son during Game 7 of the World Series.

"Then Kevin pulled out his phone. He had texted Madison after the eighth inning, and he tried to read it to me. He began to choke up and just handed me the phone.“OMG. You’re so much more than awesome,” Kevin had written to his son. “To see you work on the mound reminds me of watching you in high school. You are willing yourself to perfection and dragging the team along with you. I couldn’t be more proud of your baseball accomplishments.”Kevin looked at me. “I knew he wouldn’t read that text before the game was over,” he said, “but I wanted him to know this was what his daddy thought of him.”"

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