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Hunter Pence leads city of San Francisco in YES chants [VIDEO]

By Melissa Felkins

Hunter Pence was the last player to give a speech today at the San Francisco Giants World Series Victory Parade today. Over 1 million people came out for the parade down Market Street and crowds gathered in front of the Civic Center Plaza to celebrate the third World Series Championship in just five years.

Many of those fans were there waiting to hear just what Pence was going to say. He didn’t disappoint.

We got the video here of Pence leading what feels like the entire city of San Francisco in the “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant that the team has been chanting all season long.

If you missed the festivities today, you definitely will not want to miss this video.

The absolute best part of this video comes about 1:20 in. As Pence is leading the chants one of the things he yells out is “re-sign Pablo?” and the crowd chants, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Pence then decided three wasn’t enough, so he had them do it five times. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” And the topping on the cake is that Pablo Sandoval is standing right behind Pence, cracking up the entire time.

God, I love this team.

Do it again? “Yes! Yes! Yes!”