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Favorite San Francisco Giants postseason moments: Joe Panik double play

By Melissa Felkins

Over the next few days, or maybe weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of our favorite moments from the postseason. To get us kicked off, we’ll start with the play that I’m pretty sure changed the course of Game 7 of the World Series. In fact, when this call was overturned and the runner called out, I commented that it could be game changing. Turns out, it probably was.

You know of course the play I’m talking about. It’s the double play started by Joe Panik, where he slid to stop the ball, glove flipped it to Brandon Crawford to was able to get the runner out at second base, and throw to Brandon Belt to complete it.

And it was just wonderful.

Make sure you share with us in the comments your favorite moments of the postseason, whether they happened on or off the field. We’ll review them all and likely share them all. This series could easily go on forever, which is why I’m not going to count it down.

Enjoy the memories over the next few days as you realize you won’t be seeing any San Francisco Giants baseball until Spring Training in March. It’s just 123 days away. You can wait that long, right?