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Best San Francisco Giants pumpkin carving

By Melissa Felkins

Earlier this week we posted some San Francisco Giants pumpkin carving stencils. Oddly enough, it was the most popular post this week so far. I don’t know what that says about our readers, or us for that matter, but I’ll assume it means we all like to have fun and get creative.

We put a call out for you guys to send us your carved San Francisco Giants pumpkins. We got a few responses, and I have to tell you, they were all pretty flipping awesome.

There was one however, that took the cake. I knew it would happen. I was waiting on it. I even tried to bribe friends to carve this pumpkin for me, but with no luck. But at least one person out there took on the #BusterHugs pumpkin carving task. Granted, it wasn’t entirely carved through and through, but enough to see the light, and get the gist of it. And well, it’s better than the rest of the people like me who refused to attempt to carve the #BusterHugs pumpkin.

What makes this one so special though? She tweaked the stencil to make it a little more up to day. Check out the pitcher in the photo below, and see if you can figure out this moment.

Christine was our only pumpkin carver though. Neil and his girlfriend gave us some great logos on their pumpkins.

And finally, we have C-Espo, who carved the other pumpkin we all wanted to see. In fact, it wouldn’t be complete without it. Yes! Yes! Yes!