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San Francisco Giants: World Series Game 7 Lineups

By Melissa Felkins

It’s here. San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals. World Series. Game 7. Dynasty vs. Destiny.

Let’s get right to it.

No, Madison Bumgarner is not starting tonight. Why? Apparently he’s human, according to Bruce Bochy. This is news to us, however.

Tim Hudson will be on the mound as the older man ever to start a Game 7 in the World Series. He’ll be looking for his first career World Series win, and only second World Series start. Don’t worry though, Bumgarner is good to go 3, maybe 4 innings if Hudson gets in a jam.

Yes, Juan Perez will be starting in left field over Travis Ishikawa, and Ishi seems pretty okay with that.

Here’s the rest of the lineup. It’s exactly the same as you would expect, with the mentioned exceptions.

San Francisco Giants Lineup

Kansas City Royals Lineup

Yes, unfortunately all those guy you don’t want in the lineup are there anyway. I liked it better when I heard the word “Cain” and thought of Matt Cain. Now I just want to throw things at the television when I hear it.

Finally, I don’t know this guy, but that’s some loyalty. Shaved head tattoo man, we should be friends. In fact, tweet us and I’ll buy you a beer next season.