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San Francisco Giants: Game 6 public viewing at Civic Center in San Francisco

By Melissa Felkins

The City of San Francisco is planning to broadcast the San Francisco Giants Game 6 of the World Series tonight at the Civic Center Plaza.

If you don’t have a place to watch tonight’s game, or just want to watch it with several thousand of your closest friends, head down to Civic Center Plaza after work this afternoon (if you even bothered going to work today). There will be a jumbotron screen set up right in front of City Hall.

From the press release, here is a really important thing to take note of if you do plan on heading over there.

"This is an alcohol-free event. San Francisco Police and Recreation and Park Departments will be on hand to monitor and enforce a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and other controlled substances in Civic Center Plaza."

So, if like me, and you regularly need alcohol just to make it through any Giants game, much less a potentially World Series Championship clinching game, you may want to stick to the sports bars, a friend’s house, or your own home.

Also, whether the Giants win or lose tonight, or tomorrow night, be safe, courteous, and please, for the love of the game, don’t drink and drive, and don’t destroy this beautiful city that we get to call home.

Make the city as proud as we are of this team that routinely tries to kill every last one of us with torture.