SF Giants News

San Francisco Giants in good position for 3rd World Series Championship

By Melissa Felkins

The San Francisco Giants did not get off to a good start last night. After and early lead for the Giants, the Kansas City Royals took a 4-1 lead and I have to tell you, things looked bleak. The Royals taking the first two games in San Francisco was not the way this series was supposed to play out. And well, it didn’t.

With a few swings of the bats, the Giants got themselves back in the game. They saddled it up, and stormed back to win Game Four and tie the series.

And what a difference that one game made. Now, all of a sudden, it seems the pendulum has swung back the other way, and while this is already the toughest World Series this team has played in, and will continue to be tough, I feel even better about our chances to win it all for one reason.

Madison Bumgarner.

Bumgarner is on the mound tonight for Game Five. Yes, he’s facing James Shield, but he’s already proven he can shut down this Royals team and the hitters have already proven they can get to Shields. A win tonight gives the Giants the momentum heading back into Kansas City and frankly, the way both of these teams have played, I don’t see Kansas City being able to take both games there.

Yes, I think Shields will be tougher tonight. Tonight is not a given win by any means. But, of all the pitchers, in all of baseball, in this must win, momentum shifting, series-leading, game, there is not any other pitcher I’d want on the mound than Madison Bumgarner.

Is he infallible? Of course not. But no one else is either. But I do know he has ice water running through his veins. He’s been here and the pressure tonight will be on “Big Game James,” not Bumgarner.

Trust me on this. The path is looking much clearer right now. A win tonight shines a very bright light on it.

A win in Game Five nearly guarantees a World Series Championship.

I’m feeling good right now. I make no promises, this is a tough Kansas City team with a lot on the line, both for the team and the city, but I have faith in this team, I have faith in Madison Bumgarner, Jake Peavy, and Tim Hudson, and I have faith in Bruce Bochy.

We got this.