SF Giants Prospects

Bryan Stow kicks off game four with the Play Ball

By Melissa Felkins

If you missed this the San Francisco Giants World Series game four at AT&T Park on Saturday night, you’ll want to check it out. The Giants invited Bryan Stow to come out to the park and fans had the privilege of having Stowe kick off the game with the ever popular, “Play Ball!”

It was a touching moment on the field seeing Stow out on the field in his wheelchair, and just seeing him at the game and able to enjoy it, and be part of it. It’s really the kind of classy move that we’ve come to expect from the San Francisco Giants organization.

Bryan Stow is the Giants fan who was nearly beaten to death on Opening Day 2011 outside of Dodgers Stadium. The Giants organization and specifically Tim Flannery and his band, The Lunatic Fringe, have been huge supporters of Stowe and in family. Stowe has been left with hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bill and continued care that he’ll need for the rest of his life.

The family is currently in some legal battles with the Dodgers organization over the security (or lack of) outside of the ballpark that night.