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San Francisco Giants up creek, but still hanging tightly to paddle

By Mark ONeill

The San Francisco Giants may be up a creek, but at least they still have a paddle. Down two games to one, to the Kansas City Royals, but reminding themselves that this is a seven-game series, the Orange and Black prepare for Game Four, sending world series-tested , Ryan Vogelsong, to the mound, in an attempt to even up the series for Madison Bumgarner, on Sunday night.

The Giants are not a team that relies on the long ball for salvation; the home runs are more likely to come in clutch situations, if they come at all. So the fact that they have scored only two runs in each of the last two games, does not shift anyone’s paradigm, of what or who, the Giants are all about.

San Francisco is familiar enough with the concept of good pitching beating good hitting, to recognize it when it is biting them in the backside. Grand.

The Giants don’t need a mirror, to see that they are being bitten in the backside by their own brand of baseball.

That having been established, it’s time to move on, dig in, and prevail in Saturday night’s game, so as not to have to repeat their heroics from the National League Championship Series, of 2012, when they came back from a three-game deficit, to stun the St. Louis Cardinals, in seven games.

The Kansas City Royals are trying to do to the Giants, what San Francisco has been so successful in accomplishing themselves, since 2010. Employing a little bit of thunder, mixed with superior defense, and a lights-out bullpen, the Royals are threatening to stifle the Giants in their own park, using the Giants’ own set of playoff tools.

The Royals are acting as though they are the ones with the two World Series rings, instead of the Giants, and for a couple of games, that’s fine. No harm, no foul. The Giants just don’t want them to get too secure in that role.

Not having had to face a deficit in the world series, in either 2010 or 2012, this is a new challenge for the team that has seen its share of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But the Giants are well-stocked with proven paddles and they know how to use them.

Just don’t tell Buster Posey, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence or the rest of the Giants that they are up a creek.

They still think they’re having fun.