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San Francisco Giants’ Juan Perez proves himself in postseason

By Mark ONeill

Proving once again that I am only one of the San Francisco Giants’ countless secret weapons, I must now come forward and admit to Juan Perez, that not only did I intentionally misjudge him in my piece last week, I did so in order to provide more than adequate motivation, for Perez to want to prove me wrong. I suggested that Perez was a known commodity, and that Gary Brown might have some call-up magic. My exact words were,

“Whereas Juan Perez is precisely what a defensive specialist ought to be, he has not proven himself to be a big-play guy with the bat. What with the lack of run production up to this point in the postseason, the Giants must decide if they would benefit from yet another late-season call-up from Fresno, and see if Gary Brown can add some offensive magic to the lineup.”

Well, I was wrong.

All Juan Perez did was score the tying run in the Game Four victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, in that memorable sixth-inning uprising after scoring one of the Giants’ three wins, in the one-run, series-clinching victory over the Washington Nationals. Two critically important, indispensable runs.

I wrote that Juan Perez had not proven himself with the bat, and now he has done so. His batting average is not where he would like it to be, but his legs and his heart are right on target.

Perez’ defense has been impeccable, but it’s his speed on the bases that has made a difference.

His defense has been flawless and his speed on the base-paths makes him a weapon that is especially appealing to manager

Bruce Bochy


Most importantly, he is part of the team, having been up and down for parts of both the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He has worked in the outfield with the Giants this season, and that gives San Francisco a better defense. Gary Brown will get his opportunity, but right now, Juan Perez is the Man.

Without Perez, who can say how either the National League Division Series, or the National League Championship Series may have turned out?

Makes me think Juan Perez has become indispensable.

Jul 30, 2014; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy (15) looks on during the fourth inning of the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at AT&T Park. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports