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San Francisco Giants: Looking, and reviewing the NLCS umpire crew

By Timmy Kennedy

Gerry Davis is going to be the crew chief for the National League Championship Series between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals. Joe West will be the chief for the American League Series. Major League baseball announced the crews on Thursday. Evidently, like all postseason games, there will be additional two umpires, on the right and left field lines.

Davis will be joined by Mark Carlson, Phil Cuzzi, Paul Emmel, Greg Gibson, Bill Miller and Bill Welke. The replay officials will be Emmel for Games one and two and then Cuzzi from Game three through end of the Championship Series — this is the first time the Championship Series will require replay officials, under the new rule. Emmel will take Cuzzi’s spot on the field. The series opens Saturday night, away, in Busch Stadium, St. Louis.

The best ball-and-strike umpire working either series is Gerry Davis – thankfully – the crew chief for the NLCS. He was 87.38 percent accurate in 2014, ranking 14th. Actually, most of the NLCS umps compare favorably to their ALCS counterparts. Greg Gibson (16th at 87.34 percent), Bill Welke (26th at 86.77), Phil Cuzzi (27th at 86.76), Mark Carlson (52nd at 86.04), Paul Emmel (59th at 85.81), and Bill Miller (61st at 85.76) round out the Davis crew, which is brilliant, I guess, for the Giants.

Another positive, we don’t have Joe West. West was the umpire who physically grabbed, and shoved Jonathan Papelbon off the field, after he physically grabbed his crotch, in a symbolic gesture to the Philadelphia crowd. On the other hand, not one of the top ten – in terms of correct calling of balls and strikes — is actually working the series. Conclusion: The Giants have the best of a bad bunch. It isn’t great, but it could be worse.