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San Francisco Giants’ Brian Sabean deserves GM of the year

By Mark ONeill

Regardless of whether the San Francisco Giants end up capturing their third world series in five years or not, Brian Sabean deserves recognition for the outstanding job he has done this season. He has maneuvered his roster in such a way, as to maximize what the organization already had to offer, while simultaneously acquiring the final component to fortify the team for its final push towards the championship. He knows when to hold onto his cards, and when to toss them away.

After running Dan Uggla out onto the field to see if there was anything left in the tank, Sabean opted not to pursue any one of the other potential second base names being bandied about, Daniel Murphy’s stirring up the greatest interest. 

Instead, the Giants brought up Joe Panik, a former first round draft pick, and he has proven to be the missing commodity the Giants have been seeking ever since Marco Scutaro went down. Panik batted .305 during the regular season, and has seven hits in five playoff games so far. Panik has played key roles in the scoring in both the second and the fourth games of this series, indicating a true Giants’ nature, by showing a proclivity for even-numbered items.

However, Sabean’s crowning achievement, and the one that helped garner the wild card spot, was the acquisition of former Cy Young Award winner, Jake Peavy, a fiery competitor, and one who had just been on the victorious Boston Red Sox, in 2013.

Peavy not only led the Giants down the successful stretch drive, he was instrumental in keeping the Giants in that pivotal second game in Washington DC, so that Brandon Belt could win it in the eighteenth. Peavy provides a wealth of experience and leadership, and represents the most key, midseason acquisition since Hunter Pence came on board, just before the trade deadline in 2012.

Brian Sabean knows when to go after a player, when to hold his own, and when to do both at the same time. He has given Bruce Bochy the vital components to a successful run at the world series, and Bochy is getting the job done.

Brian Sabean is the most seasoned general manager in the business, and his team this year is advancing to the NLCS for the third time in five years because he pulled the right strings. He deserves recognition for this accomplishment as the best general manager in the game.