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Hunter Pence photobombs reporter, on scooter

By Timmy Kennedy

Oh, nothing new here. Just the average major league right fielder, photobombing a reporter, on a scooter, on his way to the ballpark to play in a potentially clinching National League Division Series game against the Washington Nationals. The irony is; this isn’t actually anything new for Hunter Pence.

For Pence, what is weird to the average person, is normal for him. He is unorthodox in every sense of the word: On the field, and off the field. Having said that, I prefer the term; quirky. He bats and throws like he has no elbows. Runs the bases like an earthquake is occurring and rides a scooter to the ballpark because: Who even likes cars, and traffic?

Earlier in the season, a city-wide-search was carried out for his missing scooter. Thankfully, it was found, and returned to the grateful owner. Pence is not only an ace on the field, and brilliant off the field in the way aforementioned: He is a preacher. The creator of the “Yes, yes, yes!” Movement, not only gets everyone pumped with this brilliant, WWE reference, his speeches are moving.

So, his latest encounter with hilarity comes as no surprise. Photobombing a reporter is normally annoying, when desperate members of the public want some fame. When it’s Hunter Pence, on a scooter, it is great. Everything, come to think of it, that Pence does is great. We love you, preacher.