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San Francisco Giants starring in new film: Road Warriors IV

By Mark ONeill

If you haven’t seen the new flick, playing in various ball parks throughout the major leagues, you should. It’s called “Road Warriors IV,” starring the San Francisco Giants, and it comes to you beginning the first week in October. The film is a zany roller-coaster ride, that will leave you dizzy, and concludes, some years, as late as November first. You can check out the next episode this Monday, at AT&T Park, starring Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, Brandon Belt, Pablo Sandoval, Joe Panik, and a cast of other names that will leave you dazzled, as well as dizzy.

To date the San Francisco Giants have won six consecutive road games in the postseason, led by the Road Warrior, himself, Madison Bumgarner, who is 12-4 on the road this season. This film is the story of a unique group of professional baseball players, who travel around the world demonstrating how it’s done to teams, unfortunately equipped with what one might diplomatically call, insufficient “guts.”

Yes, sadly enough, it occurs all too frequently. Why just the other day, down in Los Angeles, Clayton Kershaw, trying desperately to carry into the postseason the same guts he has hauled around all season, found that his guts had checked into a motel in Bakersfield, and would not be available again until further notice. Hard times for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Money can’t buy guts.

Yusmeiro Petit demonstrated his “guts” by pitching six innings of one-hit ball, while striking out seven.

It has happened to a long list of individuals and teams, and hence the popularity of the new film. When you have something the other guy doesn’t, you flaunt it, like hitting an epic blast into the cold autumn night in Washington, in the bottom of the eighteenth, to win a game, or pitching six innings of relief work, while allowing one hit and striking out seven.

You flaunt it by keeping Bryce Harper from duplicating his home run feat from the night before, and having your teammate deliver one instead. Air Mail. Special Delivery. And you watch him stay around just long enough to see it delivered, before he drops his bat and takes that ever-so-sweet jaunt around the bases. 

That’s “guts” and the Giants gottem.