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The best tweets from the San Francisco Giants’ NLDS game two win

By Timmy Kennedy

Not only is Twitter annoyingly distracting when one is trying to watch a San Francisco Giants, National League Division Series, it can be kinda’ funny, too. When the baseball is at its best, so are people’s tweets. Here are the best and worst tweets from the Giants’ opening postseason game. Enjoy.

The San Francisco Giants are two-to-nothing up, just saying.

It definitely worked. Rally chewing gum, anyone?

Emm, baseball ‘experts’ for you folks.

This was a safe bet. If anyone did indeed bet anything, they it to owe Buster Olney.

This is really, really good.

And, he was still thrown out. Good effort Posey, you were safe in my heart.

You can take a man out of San Francisco, but you can’t take San Francisco out of a man. Fact.