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Los Angeles Dodgers’ fan donates bone-marrow, to save San Francisco Giants’ fan’s life

By Timmy Kennedy

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants’ rivalry is one of the most bitter rivalries in all of world sport. So much so, fans are often more interested in entertaining their hatred for the opposition, rather than actually caring about the game, and the players. However, every-now-and-then, the intense hatred is forgotten, and something magical happens. We realise that human compassion is much more important than a sports feud.

Joey Hilburn is a Dodgers fan, and registered himself for the bone-marrow transplant list, before Ryan was even born. Recently, Ryan Clanton, a young Giants fan living in California’s San Joaquin Valley, was diagnosed with Fabconi Anemia, a bone-marrow disease which if not treated with a transplant, leads to death. You can guess what happened next, it was truly enchanting and moving.

“There are 14 different markers that they’re looking for, as far as matching. They’re hoping for seven — seven is good. We were a perfect match. It was 14 out of 14,” Hilburn told WGHP FOX 8 in North Carolina. Prototypically, a fourteen marker match is only found in relatives, not polar opposite baseball fans. Naturally, the rivalry was forgotten, and Joey donated his bone-marrow to Ryan, to save his life.

“It was very difficult on us,” mom Luanna Clanton told WGHP. “Your whole world is, suddenly, feels like it’s coming to an end and you’re dependent on hoping that there is somebody that you don’t know, out there, who will be willing to go through the process and help save your child’s life.”

Watch this video, and forget about the rivalry until later this week. Emotional stuff.

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