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Injury report: Brandon Belt has resumed baseball activities, may play again this series

By Timmy Kennedy

The San Francisco Giants have been no stranger to injuries this season, and first baseman Brandon Belt, who started the season on a tear, has been on the DL most of the season. However, his current DL stint may be coming to an end imminently. Having recovered from a broken thumb at the start of season, Belt returned to the lineup for a short time in, before suffering a concussion.

The concussion was once thought to minor, and that a seven-day-concussion-DL would sort it out. That was very wrong. He hasn’t played since the sixth of August, but may be activated during the Dodgers series, this weekend. Yesterday, Belt was cleared for baseball activities — he wound up taking batting practice, running the bases and fielding grounders, and he felt great.

Take Belt’s word for it, he is very close to playing again. Bochy, on the other hand, wasn’t too sure if he would feature this series. Given that the minor league season is over, Belt can’t rehab in the minors, obviously. However, after his original concussion, he returned to the lineup without rehabbing and homered in his first game back — he later suffered from the same symptoms, and returned to the DL.

Brandon was in Pittsburgh on Thursday, where he took a series of tests. The results confirmed he was fit to resume baseball activities, as aforementioned. All in all, as much as I want to see Belt back, it wouldn’t be wise to rush him back. With Joaquin Arias, Andrew Susac and Travis Ishikawa all swinging hot bats, it will be interesting to see what happens when Giraffe returns.

It’s likely Belt will be activated, and return to the team for the Arizona Diamondbacks series. Meanwhile, Michael Morse is said to be three or four days away from playing. Hence, he too, will hopefully return for the Arizona series. Stay tuned to Around the Foghorn for all the latest Giants injury news.