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Jake Peavy and Tim Flannery play “Poncho and Lefty” [Video]

By Melissa Felkins

Call it a bromance. Call it fatherly love. Call it just good coaching. Call it whatever you want.

I can’t even begin to tell you the “feels” I get from listening to Jake Peavy and Tim Flannery playing “Poncho and Lefty” in the stairwell of the Ritz Hotel in Denver and from their relationship in general.

So, here’s the story. Tim Flannery is not only the third base coach of the San Francisco Giants, but he’s also a musician and has his own band called Tim Flannery and the Lunatic Fringe. They play a lot of local gigs and have been huge supporters of Bryan Stow’s recovery by putting on benefit shows for Stow.

Flan also likes playing his guitar in the stairwells of hotels on road trips because they typically have good acoustics, and probably because it’s more private and won’t wake up his neighbors. I mean, who’d really want to wake up Madison Bumgarner?

So last night, he went to the stairwell of the hotel and his long time buddy Jake Peavy figured out where he’d be, and joined in with his guitar and it was pretty awesome.

The relationship these two have is pretty great, and one of the reasons why I think we just may see Peavy back in San Francisco next season, depending on what happens with Tim Lincecum and Ryan Vogelsong.

So, here’s the video of Peavy and Flannery playing “Poncho and Lefty.”

And if that didn’t give you the “feels,” then this post from Flannery about how Jake paid for his $5,000 1934 Gibson Guitar just may.

And just for fun, here’s Flannery solo before Peavy arrived explaining what the heck he’s doing.