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Chicago Cubs Grounds Crew Struggles With Tarp [Video]

By Melissa Felkins

The Chicago Cubs showed just how inept of an organization they are with their inability to properly put  tarp on the field last night. Don’t get me wrong, once it was out, they did the best they could to get it on properly, but they screwed it up big time from the get-go. If it was San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, I may have a bit more sympathy for these guys. Okay, maybe not L.A. All the same though, these guys know how to put a tarp on the field. It rains in the midwest, and you have more opportunities to do it than others.

In the words of Bobby Ramos, who was on the KNBR morning show today, my first question would have been this: “What time did these guys (grounds crew) get fired?”

But, if San Francisco Giants fans got anything out of this besides fun Twitter games, it was this video of the grounds crew rolling out the tarp. It’s sped up and put to “Yakety Sax,” but it fully shows the complete hilarity of the moment.

Of course, it truly is of little consolation to Giants fans and really serves more as a point to state the obvious: The Chicago Cubs suck at everything baseball.