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Rain Delay: Giants Fan Style

By Nick Vezmar

Aug 19, 2014; Chicago, IL, Grounds crew member works on the field as rain delayed the Chicago Cubs game against the San Francisco Giants in the fifth inning at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

As the Giants start off a 3 game set against the Cubs, it was clear that the Giants would need to have everything working on their side to keep their roll going into September. Clearly mother nature wasn’t one thing on the list that any of us had thought about.

But as the Giants and Cubs got halfway through the first game of the series in the Windy City, rain began to pour onto Wrigley Field. It didn’t last for a long while, but it did end up destroying a vulnerable infield. The Cubs’ ground crew once again this year had failed to apply a tarp correctly; but by the time they had fixed the problem, the infield was significantly damaged.

Thus started a lengthy rain delay that most players, coaches, analysts, and fans should not be exposed to. Players began to take selfies, interact with the crowd, and just do anything to pass the time. Analysts and broadcasters began speculating and commenting on the ground crew’s inability to get a tarp on correctly.

But Giants fans took an entirely different approach, as fans took to social media to provide opinions, commentary, puns, jokes, etc. Initial commentary poked fun at the ground crew and their ineffectiveness in getting the tarp out.

As the rain delay wore on, sheer anger was brought down to a tangible impatience. And as Giants fans needed to find ways to kill time, so started a series of tarp puns and jokes. Here were some of the highlights:

Some fans have been in really good spirits with the rain delay, some have not. But there are two certainties as a result of this delay: 1) It always rains in the Midwest at some point during the summer, and 2) The Cubs’ ground crew has no idea what they’re doing.

Here is to hoping that no fan base has to endure a delay like this ever again.