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Trade Rumors: SF Giants scouting catcher Kurt Suzuki

By Melissa Felkins

Are the San Francisco Giants looking to add some depth at the catcher position? Given the decline of Hector Sanchez this season, it’s only reasonable to assume it’s crossed their minds. In addition to that, the Giants are also believed to be on hand to watch Kurt Suzuki of the Minnesota Twins over the weekend, according to Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press (a local newspaper for the Twin Cities).

Suzuki will become a free agent at the end of this season, and the Twins may be interested in letting him go before then. He’s hitting .309 this season, but ranks poorly in framing pitches, making him perhaps a bit of liability at that position. He’s not going to add much pop, but he’s hitting better this season than he ever has, and he could be a good alternative for a pinch hitter off the bench considering Sanchez is hitting just .196 this season, and every other bench player, below .240.

Of course, that is, if the Twins are actually willing to cut ties with Suzuki. The Twins seems to like Suzuki and at least one of his starting pitching battery mates, Glen Perkins, voiced his opinion in keeping him.

"“If they asked my opinion, I would give them my opinion — the same opinion I’m giving you,” Perkins said before Saturday’s 7-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox. “I’ve loved throwing to him. Personally, I would love to continue to throw to him. He’s done a great job. I would tell you that whether you had the recorder on or not.”"

Sukuki is a veteran catcher and could bring some stability and leadership to the clubhouse. However, there is no guarantee he’s going to continue hitting over .300 for the rest of the season. But, he’s a known commodity, especially spending most of his career across the bay for the Oakland Athletics. Given that the Giants like the known and veteran players, I’m not shocked they at least have someone on hand to scout Sukuki if the Twins do decide to trade him.