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Rosenthal: Dan Uggla to San Francisco Giants

By Melissa Felkins

Dan Uggla is headed to the San Francisco Giants whether fans like it or not. The news was just broke by Ken Rosenthal via Twitter.

There has been speculation that the Giants would be interested in picking up Uggla after the Atlanta Braves cut ties with him last week. In fact, I kind of want to go around yelling, “I told you so!” except for the fact that I’m not really happy about the signing.

The Braves are still on the hook for the $18.5 million owed to him through 2015. While not details are available yet, nor has the report been confirmed by the Giants, I imagine the Giants are getting him for next to nothing and figured a low-risk gamble leading up to the trade deadline probably wasn’t the worse move they could make.

Still, I don’t like it and I don’t like Uggla. I don’t believe he’s going to be what the Giants need to stay in a playoff race. However, with the news that Matt Cain was placed on the DL and that Angel Pagan is likely out past the deadline, perhaps the Giants plan to focus their attention, and money, on finding a starting pitcher and center fielder who can fill the hole better than Gregor Blanco.

Either way, like we just said, get to Bevmo and stock up on the hard liquor. It’s going to be a long 2 1/2 months.

Update 11:10 am PST: According to Henry Schulman, Uggla was signed to a minor league deal, so there is hope that if he doesn’t cut it there, we may never see him in San Francisco. If he doesn’t make the big league team by Aug 1st, he has an “out clause,” meaning he can become a free agent again.

Also, it’s true that I don’t like the move, however I understand why. He’s cheap and low-cost. But I just don’t think it’s a worthy investment, but if he proves me wrong, I’ll be happy.