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Angel Pagan not likely to return to San Francisco Giants before trade deadline

By Melissa Felkins

It’s been a weekend full of bad news for the San Francisco Giants despite their much-needed series win in Miami. In addition to both Brandon Belt getting a concussion and going on the DL, and Matt Cain going to the DL with elbow inflammation, talk over the weekend indicated that Giants centerfielder and leadoff man, Angel Pagan is unlikely to return to the lineup before the July 31st trade deadline.

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Henry Schulman broke the news Friday night about Pagan, saying:

"….Pagan has not begun to swing a bat and not expected back before the deadline.-Henry Schulman, SF Chronicle, Why Brandon Crawford left tonight’s win, plus other postgame notes"

We’ve seen what a lineup without Pagan looks like and it’s not pretty. Hunter Pence is filling the leadoff role right now, but let’s face it, it’s not as natural for him as Pagan.

More troubling is that Pagan being out past the deadline puts the Giants front office into even more of a gambling mode. Do they make a move for a center fielder and leadoff guy, expecting Pagan not to come back? Or do they hedge their bets on his return? If they go out and get someone, what do that they do with that person if Pagan comes back healthy? If they don’t, what happens if we don’t have someone to fill it as well as Pagan?

Oh wait, we’ve seen how that story ends. Tears in your whiskey and on its way to becoming a country song.