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Mike Krukow calls Duane Kuiper’s only home run

By Melissa Felkins

I’m pretty sure this has been floating out on the web for a while, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome. Here is San Francisco Giants broadcaster calling his partner, Duane Kuiper‘s only home run shot. (h/t San Francisco Giants Memes)

Kuiper had exactly one home run in his 12-year career. He it it against Steve Stone and the Chicago White Sox on August 29, 1977 when he was playing for the Cleveland Indians. Lucky for us, it was a nationally televised game, so we still get to see it to this day.

Oddly enough, his broadcast partner, Krukow hit 5 career home runs in his 14-year career…as a pitcher. Unlike his partner however, Kuiper was a respectable .271 career hitter. Krukow hit just .198 in his career. Of course, Kuiper had about 4 times more at-bats.

Still, thanks to the wonders of television and the internet, we get to see what Kuiper’s home run call would have been like if partner and one-time teammate Krukow was making the call. I gotta say though, Kuiper’s home run calls is better than his home run hitting, and his partner’s home run calls.