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San Francisco Giants adjust starting rotation; Matt Cain drops to 5th starter

By Melissa Felkins

When the San Francisco Giants return from the All-Star Break, Matt Cain will find himself at the bottom of the starting rotation in the 5-hole, according to Ryan Hood of MLB.com.

Of course, this comes after a season of struggles for the “Horse.” Cain is sporting a 4.18 ERA, the worst of his career if the season ended today, and got only his 2nd win of the season last week on July 9th, and 1st since May 14th. However, Bochy says the move is about getting Cain some extra rest, and the recent success of the other guys in the rotation, notably Tim Lincecum, and not about Cain performance this season.

"Cain’s spent two stints on the disabled list this season. Bochy believes Cain will benefit from the extra rest he’ll get with a five-game wait following the All-Star break. Bochy added that Cain falling in the order had more to do with everyone else’s successes than any shortcomings of Cain.Ryan Hood, MLB.com"

The new rotation coming out of the break doesn’t look that different once you move Cain to the bottom.

  1. Madison Bumgarner
  2. Tim Hudson
  3. Tim Lincecum
  4. Ryan Vogelsong
  5. Matt Cain

Tell us what you think about Matt Cain’s struggles this season? Do you think Bochy is being less than honest when he says Cain isn’t injured, but just needs rest, or do you think something bigger is going on with him? Perhaps it’s just aging, and Cain is learning how to adjust to his older (and probably more out-of-shape) body.

Do you think Cain can turn his season around?