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Former San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito welcomes first child

By Melissa Felkins

Former San Francisco Giants pitcher, Barry Zito, just became a dad for the first time when his wife Amber gave birth to their son. Giants third base coach, Tim Flannery, posted a photo on Facebook over the weekend showing Zito with his newborn son.

First, let’s address the obvious here: Barry Zito is shirtless in the photo.

Before you ask a million questions about why, let me explain. It’s called skin-to-skin bonding and it’s encouraged these days, particular if birth is given by a midwife, and there are health benefits to it. You can read more about that here and not bother asking why.

Zito and wife Amber have been married since December 3, 2011 and gave birth to their first child presumably this weekend or within the past week. It’s the first child for both Barry and Amber.

Zito has not pitched in the majors since the Giants declined his $7 million option at the end of last season. He’s not officially retired and initially said he’d like to find a team to pitch for.

Congratulations to the Zitos on the birth of their son.