SF Giants Prospects

Brandon Belt & Kyle Crick mentioned in Houston Astro’s internal document leak

By Melissa Felkins

Some of the Houston Astros’ internal documents and notes from last season and offseason were hacked and made public, including notes and discussions on the San Francisco Giants interest in Bud Norris. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin.com broke the news this afternoon.

To sum up quickly, the Giants were interested in Norris, and were willing to trade some prospects to get him. However, the Giants made it clear that Brandon Belt and Kyle Crick were not up for discussion. At one point, the Giants offered Clayton Blackburn (right-handed pitcher) and “another piece,” making clear that piece wouldn’t be Crick. That was on June 28, 2013. On July 23, 2013, the Astros offered Norris for Blackburn, Adalberto Meijia (LHP), and Keury Mella (RHP). The Giants declined that trade, however interest in Norris continued. The Astos wanted both Blackburn and Mejia and the Giants weren’t willing to give up both of those guys.

In November, there were some discussions between the Giants and Astros about Lucas Harrell and the Giants indicated interested if the Astros were willing to part with him. In December, the Astros made this note:

"SF reiterated interest in Harrell to [Luhnow]. Also said they would not discuss Belt."

Belt was having a good start to the season before breaking his thumb. He’s began playing rehab games in the minor leagues, both in San Jose and Fresno, and it’s likely he’ll be back and off the disabled list by the end of the week, if not by mid-week. His bat in the lineup will certainly be welcome, and it’s good to know that the Giants aren’t willing to arbitrarily trade away key players to fix a hole.