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Will Derek Hill oust Gary Brown as the future of the San Francisco Giants outfield?

By Melissa Felkins

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Stuart Jones, one of our contributing writers, has been doing a good job covering the

MLB Draft over at his personal site

. This morning he posted up some information about Derek Hill, an outfielder who many believe will be drafted in the first round by the San Francisco Giants this afternoon.

No confirmation yet on whether Hill will be drafted, but if he does, it could cause some to question Gary Brown‘s future in center field with the Giants. Brown was a first round draft pick in 2010 (#24), and while he’s had limited time in the minors, he hasn’t quite met the expectations that the Giants and fans had for him. If Hill is drafted, it could spell trouble for Brown’s future in San Francisco. Or perhaps it will be a good motivator for Brown to get it in gear and fight his way into the big leagues.

Stuart has some great info over on his blog about Hill, complete with even more videos, stats, and quotes.

"Derek Hill is listed as the #22 overall prospect by Baseball America, #20 by MLB.com, and #11 by ESPN. No doubt if the Giants drafted Derek Hill the casual Giants fan will immediately start thinking about Gary Brown and wonder if the young Hill can be better than that. In a draft that’s being touted as having the pitching depth, getting a good future MLB position player early on may be a good strategy.Stuart Jones – Where Everyone’s a Giant"

In addition to the information on Hill, Stuart has been following the draft pretty closely, including some more information on Jeff Hoffman and Grant Holmes, who have been considered by the Giants in the draft as well. Head over there and check out Stuart’s coverage while you’re waiting on the coming announcements today.

Where Everyone’s a Giant – MLB Draft Coverage

Also, here’s a video posted there of Hill taking some batting practice.