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MLB Draft 2014: San Francisco Giants first round draft picks

By Melissa Felkins

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The MLB draft kicks off today and the San Francisco Giants have the #14 pick in the first round. It’s really anyone’s guess as to who the Giants will pick in the first round given that they don’t always follow traditional baseball rules with their picks.

Baseball America’s latest mock draft thinks they’ll draft outfielder Derek Hill. He’s a high school player and his dad is a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It would be an interesting pick all the same. Here’s what BA says about Hill:

"14. GIANTS: Rumors related to San Francisco are all over the board. This is our current favorite: Derek Hill isn’t a consensus top 15 pick, but he has the plus center-field defensive tools that fit with the cavernous parks of the National League West. Plus, his dad Orsinio Hill scouts for the Dodgers, so there’s a rivalry tweak for added fun.– Baseball America Mock Draft 4.0"

The Giants also have the #52 pick, which comes in the second round of the draft. For some historical record of the players the Giants have drafted in the first round, here’s every first round pick they have made. There are some pretty good ones on there, but also some you have to wonder what the heck happened to them.

Personally, I’m not convinced draft standings mean a whole lot. Obviously the Giants have had some success in recent years, but even the #1 overall draft pick can be hit or miss. Chris Haft of MLB.com has a pretty good write-up on what we can possibly expect from the Giants.