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San Francisco Giants select Vanderbilt RHP Tyler Beede as 14th overall pick in MLB draft

By Erin Wild

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Standing 6’4, weighing in at 215 lbs, Vanderbilt’s Right Handed Pitcher, Tyler Beede, was selected by the San Francisco Giants as the Number 14 pick in the MLB draft today.  Just 3 years ago, he was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays as the Number 21 pick in the first round. However, he turned down their offer of $2.3 million and instead went to college.  After 3 years, he was drafted by the Giants and will get around $2.6 million.

In his time at Vanderbilt, he has pitched 264.1 innings, allowed 119 runs, and has a 3.17 ERA. His overall record during his 3 years at Vanderbilt has been 23-12. He can throw a fastball up to 94 miles per hour, with his fastest at 97. The downside is he struggles with command. I’m sure with enough practice, and hopefully not sitting in Tim Lincecum’s seat when he visits San Francisco, he will settle down and develop the skills needed to become a strong pitcher.

Beede’s second love is rapping. Which I find to be hilarious because I can only imagine what the dugout is going to be like a few years from now when he’s brought up to play in the Big Leagues.  Apparently his pseudonym is “Young Beedah”.

It will be fun to watch what this kid brings to the ballpark. The Giants definitely made a good choice. We do need some fresh blood on the mound. In a few years, it will be interesting to see how much Beede has matured; and how quickly he goes through the ranks in the Minors before coming up to the Major Leagues.

In the meanwhile, anyone curious as to who this kid is can tune in to ESPN2 tomorrow against Stanford in the Nashville Super Regional at 10:00 a.m. PT.