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Hunter Pence’s missing scooter found and returned

By Melissa Felkins

Hunter Pence has a reason to be smiling again. His missing scooter that was stolen on Sunday, has been returned to the San Francisco Giants outfielder by the SFPD. Also, they  have theoretically had help from the SF BatKid, too. Thanks for keeping the streets safe, BatKid!

The new broke during the Giants game agains the Chicago Cubs yesterday and Pence had the surprise waiting on him in the clubhouse after the game.

“It’s one of my favorite things I had,” Pence said. “There aren’t many things I really care about: my baseball equipment and my scooter, maybe my computer.”

Pence had posted a reward for the missing scooter, according to Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle. He a signed bobblehead (with the scooter) and said no questions asked. However, he had already ordered a new scooter, and since the returned scooter wasn’t returned in the best shape, he’ll be keeping the new one, according to John Shea, also of the Chronicle.

"Meantime, Pence ordered a new one that’s due by the next homestand.Who gets that?Pence said he plans to keep the new one and auction off the old one or donate it to his favorite charity, Make-A-Wish Foundation."