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San Francisco Giants Beat Atlanta Braves, 4-2, As Tyler Colvin Splash-Hits One

By Mark ONeill

Timmy pitched very well, striking out eleven in seven and two-thirds’ innings.Photo by Denise Walos taken on August 19, 2013

The San Francisco Giants returned to AT&T Park from their successful killer road trip, and began the home-stand the same way they started their journey, by defeating the Atlanta Braves, the National League East’s first place team.  The final score was 4-2.  Tim Lincecum pitched very well, going seven and two-thirds’ innings, giving up only one run on two hits, while striking out eleven.  To complement the excellent pitching,  Tyler Colvin, the latest of the cavalry to lend the Giants a helping hand, drilled a ball into McCovey Cove in his first at-bat.  

The game was a tense pitchers’ duel between Timmy and Gavin Floyd, who pitched into the seventh inning, but Colvin punctuated his Splash Hit with a screaming liner down the right field line, off a defense shifted well over into right-center.  Colvin’s triple knocked in two and was the difference in the game.

Tyler Colvin, just called up from Fresno to replace the injured Brandon Belt, is no stranger to the major leagues, having hit twenty homers for the 2011 Cubs and eighteen for the 2012 Rockies.  That does not alter the impact he made last night, when he stood up and made a statement with his bat, that the team would not lose substantially with the absence of Brandon Belt.

I would say Tim Lincecum pitched brilliantly, except that he walked four.  The key was that he threw his slider effectively from the first inning onward, not even surrendering a hit until one out in the fourth.  He gave up two hits in seven and two-thirds’ innings going the longest stint of the season.

For the Giants to follow up their successful road trip with another win over the first-place Braves is huge.  It sets the stage for the upcoming series with the Florida Marlins, a team that has always played hard against San Francisco.

Additionally, to see another Brian Sabean move have instant impact, lends momentum to the team.  If you saw the greeting that Michael Morse gave his temporary replacement, after Colvin returned to the dugout after the home run, you might conclude, as I did, that another chemical element had just been successfully infused into the team caldron.