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San Francisco Giants Morning Commute 4/25

By Melissa Felkins

The San Francisco Giants will face the Cleveland Indians tonight at AT&T Park at 7:15 PM. The icing on the cake is that 40,000 of us are going to be coming home with a Duane Kuiper Bobblehead (in his Indians jersey, no less), commemorating his first and ONLY home run. I don’t know about anyone else, but it may just replace Buster Posey as the favorite in my bobblehead collection. Also, who came up with this bobblehead trend for baseball players? I admit, as I’m staring at my collection, it’s kind of weird.

At any rate, Kuiper will be answering your tweets today at 4:45 PM. Just tweet a question with the hashtag #AskKuip and maybe it’ll get answered.

If you’re into SnapChat, well, the SFGiants are on there…for now. I’m predicting lots of inappropriate pictures, because really, isn’t that the basis that SnapChat was founded on? Ways for teenagers to “sext” without fear of it being passed around? At any rate, if you want to SnapChat with the SF Giants, then here’s the info.

I don’t have an entirely bad feeling about this yet (think Marco Scutaro), but I don’t have a good feel about Angel Pagan‘s injury either, especially after last season. According to Alex Pavlovic, it’s a bone bruise and Brian Sabean says “it’s manageable.” I hoping for once, someone is telling the truth.

Finally, if you have the time, head over and read this feature by Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle about former Giants pitcher Atlee Hammaker, and his daughter who is married to Indians catcher, Yan Gomes.

For Atlee Hammaker, more ball in the family seemed like bad idea – Henry Schulman, SF Chronicle