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The Bay Bridge Series: Celebrate Baseball

By Ken Lucchesi

The Dreaded Split Cap

As Spring Training ends, Bay Area baseball fans are some of the luckiest in the country. We have a pleasant warm-up to the regular season in the Bay Bridge Series right at home. It’s a great opportunity for fans to come out to the ballpark and watch a few more games that don’t matter. And also to see some of the talent that remains from the spring, but might not make the opening day roster. If you couldn’t make it down to Arizona for Spring Training, you get a chance to check it out right here at home.

My only beef with the Bay Bridge series is the notion that the Giants and A’s have a “rivalry” in this series and beyond. The Bay Bridge series is exhibition baseball. It doesn’t count. The last thing Melvin or Bochy want is an injured player in any of these games. When these games are over, few fans will remember the results. The Giants and A’s don’t even play in the same league. Ultimately, they may contend against each other for a World Championship once again, but what are the odds of that? And if they do, how fortunate would Bay Area baseball fans be to have the dream of all baseball fans in their own backyard?

We are spoiled here in the Bay Area. We have two major league franchises sitting within 20 miles of each other. We can see major league baseball live on almost any given day of the regular season. Very few metropolitan areas have that luxury. So, if someone tells me to “choose my team” when I am watching the Giants and A’s this weekend, I’ll tell them I chose baseball. Let’s celebrate both our local teams this weekend and wish them good luck in the regular season.