San Francisco Giants’ Inside the Clubhouse: Our Boys Are Back

By Melissa Felkins

Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants’ Baseball is back! A brand new season is upon us and Spring Training is winding down. The Giants are back with a brand new intensity and one goal: Win a World Series.

"Inside the Clubhouse: Our Boys are Back shows the undeniable chemistry of a team that has become a family, a proven recipe for champions"

Here are a few highlights to look out for while you watch this 21 minute video.

Early in the video, Buster Posey let’s everyone know where the Giants’ minds are coming into 2014. He says, “I think we all feel we’ve got something to go out and prove this year.”

Michael Morse makes some bold predictions for a noob. He says, “We’re going to drop bombs this year.” I sure hope he drops more than his share of bombs out into McCovey Cove.

Sergio Romo on Bruce Bochy: “He let’s us, be us.”

There is a several minutes about Hunter Pence and his leadership in the clubhouse. You can tell that he is well respected by his teammates and coaches. They also include the clip of Hunter receiving the Willie Mac Award and his speech that went along with it.

Speaking of awards, the humor award goes to catcher Andrew Susac. Susac talks about his opportunity to work with who he calls the best catcher in the game, Buster Posey. He says, “(I’m going to) follow around Posey like a little duck.” Quack. Quack.

Finally, if you love Posey and wish you could follow him around like a duck, too, you’re probably familiar with the infamous “Ain’t Havin’ It” video clip from his Florida State Seminoles days. Well, you’re in luck. That clip drops at about the 14:28 mark. Perhaps even as good is some footage from Posey as a little league player. We can see some of this at 1:48 into the video, and then again at 14:10 when he smashes a home run. As fans and kids are cheering, you hear some kids in the outfield (the vantage point on the video) ask, “who is that?” You then hear a young boy say, “That’s my brother!” I’m not sure if it was Jack or Jess, but I imagine his two brothers and his sister, Sam, probably get a chance to say that about their big brother quite often.