San Francisco Giants 2014 Commercials Released

By Melissa Felkins

Oct 25, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; Kai Mattinson from Lake Tahoe stands in line outside while wearing a panda hat before game two of the 2012 World Series between the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park.

The San Francisco Giants have teased us all week long about their new commercials. Well, today is the day they finally revealed them to us. I have to admit, they’re pretty good.

So far, Buster Knows is my favorite. Pay attention to the very end of the video. That’s where the payoff is, and it should make you smile (or cringe).

I will say though that I like this one a lot. It’s called Take Me Out, and it’s a fresh take on “Take Me Out to the Ballpark.”

Then there is this one with Sergio Romo and Buster Posey. Buster is wearing a soul patch. It doesn’t get much better (or wrong) than that.

And of course, the All Brandon Weekend with Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford. It’s their favorite promo, and it’s probably the funniest. “Together my…”

You can watch all of them by going here, and you should because we didn’t post them all. You can also vote on your favorite on the video page.