VIDEO: Tim Flannery – Living ‘In the Moment’

By Melissa Felkins

Mandatory Credit: Beck Diefenbach-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Flannery is the third base coach of the San Francisco Giants. He’s also a former major league baseball player, surfer, and musician. Bruce Bochy aside, he’s probably the most well-known Giants coach, and definitely our favorite here at Around the Foghorn. I think most of that comes from being a genuinely good guy both on the field and off the field. He’s raised thousands of dollars for Bryan Stow toward his care and treatment. He kind of epitomizes the word “classy.” Not because he’s above everyone else, but because he’s a real person doing what he loves, caring for others, and speaking his mind.

Airstream put together a 5 minute video called “Live Riveted Stories with Tim Flannery.” It’s good and gives you a bit of personal insight to Flan. He talks about how as a baseball player, as a coach, as a surfer, and as a musician, most of the decisions he makes has to be “in the moment.” It’s where he lives his life.

He also talks about how the Stow incident “deeply affected” him and how getting involved has made him a “better man.” The best part though is this quote about his own life and how he faces trials both during and reflecting back on them.

"Trouble turned out to be the greatest blessing I ever had."

Give the video a watch, it’s embedded below. Here is a direct link in case it doesn’t embed.