VIDEO: San Francisco Giants’ Brandon Belt’s Goals for 2014

By Melissa Felkins

San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt (9) is ready for beast mode in the 2014 season and looking for more consistency. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco Giants Brandon Belt talked recently about his goals for the upcoming season. What stuck out most of me is that he wants to be more consistent. He talks about the grip changes and moving back in the batter’s box, and how he plans to continue that style. He also jokes about how he likes to think he’s the strongest player on the team, but now thinks Michael Morse may have him beat out. All the same, Belt said he’s ready for “beast mode” for the 2014 season. The video is only 1:30 minutes, so it’s worth that much time.

I agree that I’d like to see more consistency from Belt. If he’s anything like the Post All-Star Break Belt, then I think we’re in for a great season ahead of us.

Last season we saw Belt go from hitting .260 Pre All-Star Break to hitting .326 and leading the team Post All-Star Break. That’s a jump from 11th on the team in batting average to 1st. Of course, Hunter Pence had almost nearly the same turn around, going from a .262 Pre All-Star batting average to .314 Post All-Star batting average. I like how these guys motivate each other out there. I know batting average isn’t everything, but it certainly helps when your team is making good contact with the ball and getting on base.

Here’s the video link  from SFG Productions and it’s also embedded below.