Ehire Adrianza to make the 25 man roster?

By Timmy Kennedy

Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When Ehire Adrianza entered spring training, he was largely considered the outsider to claim a spot on the 25 man roster. A week into spring training, Adrianza has become the breakout player thus far, showing off his amazing defensive skills and above all, showing that he can hit. Joaquin Arias will be on the bench, but Adrianza could well steal a spot off Tony Abreu.

In his first Cactus League game, Adrianza crushed a three-run-home-run in the bottom of the ninth against the Oakland Athletics, and a day later he was at it again; hitting an RBI triple. His defensive prowess has never been a secret, but offensively, he has come a long from hitting .222 in the majors in 2013.

Whilst his skills and talent could land him a spot on the bench, his contractual position gives him an even bigger chance. Adrianza is completely out of minor league options, hence, if the Giants do opt for Abreu, and send Adrianza to the minors they will have to expose him to waivers. With his skill set, and high ceiling he would be guaranteed to be taken by someone else on waivers.

Thus far, Adrianza has proven he is capable of being an option off the bench for the Giants, whether as a defensive replacement or pinch hitter. He has also proved he is too valuable to San Francisco to be exposed to waivers, giving Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean a tough decision. Personally, I believe the Giants have to opt for Ehire Adrianza, and take a risk on the rookies bat.