VIDEO:Tim Hudson San Francisco Giants Debut

By Melissa Felkins

Feb 23, 2014; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Tim Hudson (17) poses for a photo during photo day at Scottsdale Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Hudson made his debut for the San Francisco Giants yesterday in Spring Training. Since none of the Giants games have been televised yet, we’ve been limited in what we’ve been able to see from this team. However, the Giants have us covered with this video from Hudson’s outing yesterday. He pitched two scoreless innings in the 5-3 win yesterday against the Arizona Diamondbacks. It was Hudson’s first start since he broke his ankle in a game with the Atlanta Braves last July.

Hitters seem to make a lot of soft contact, mostly pop-ups and ground balls, including a double play that Hudson was able to beat out the runner to first base. Given the uncertainty of his ankle (and his age), I’d say it was a pretty good play on his part. He looked good and the mound and also seemed pretty comfortable out there. I have to admit, he looks good in orange and black.

From Mark’s recap yesterday:

"Hudson’s only blemish during his two innings, was a ball hit to the right side, which Brandon Belt fielded, but led the hustling Hudson too much to make the play. The throw was not that far off the mark, and had it been the regular season, there is a good chance that Hudson would have made the play, but this is only spring training and Hudson has to go easy.Later in the broadcast, in hashing it over, Dave Fleming mentioned that when asked about it in the dugout, Hudson responded that he “…would have felt like Wes Welker with a linebacker coming right at me…” and so elected to let it go. It was a veteran move from a guy who does not have to prove that he knows how to field his position."