Just Being Neighborly? Should the Giants Share AT&T with the A’s?

By Mark ONeill

Aug 9, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; General view before the game between the San Francisco Giants and the Baltimore Orioles at AT&T Park.

Larry Baer raised a few eyebrows Wednesday, by hinting that the San Francisco Giants may be willing to be downright neighborly to the Oakland Athletics, by sharing AT&T Park for a spell, should the A’s get a new stadium project off the ground. Just think of it as two good neighbors, chatting over the back fence. Considering that the Giants protested loudly when the A’s tried recently to encroach on the Giants’ territorial rights, by relocating to San Jose, this comes as a surprise to me.

I like the idea even if it would be a logistical nightmare to implement. I see no reason why the Giants and the A’s can’t be friends, at least officially. I know why it’s easy to remain distant; I am, after all, I Giants fan. And it’s not just 1989, though it could be. No, losing to the A’s in the Big Show is just one of the reasons I do not like the A’s. Hey, I hate green and yellow, I hate the fact that they seem to go postal winning meaningless spring games, and well, there’s that Series.

That being said, I do like the rivalry, I do think the A’s play a mean brand of baseball, and a lot of my personal friends are A’s fans, though I forgive them one and all. They can’t help the way their moms dress them in the morning. So therefore, I want the A’s to get a new stadium so that we can go head-to-head again on the greatest playing field of them all.

So, if the Giants and the A’s want to share a yard for a season or so, as the Mets and Yankees did back in 1974-75, then that’s all right with me. Maybe if the two clubs had been getting along in 1989, the baseball gods would have done us all a favor and let us have a couple measly weeks in October, without having to get in the act by causing a gall-darn earthquake, and knocking us right off our game. After all, who can be expected to play ball when the ground won’t stop shaking?